Success Story: Dallan America

Andrea hired The Marzullo Agency to help promote the new title to very niche audiences within manufacturing and industrial engineering.

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Justin Greene
March 22, 2024


Andrea Dallan is an engineer, an entrepreneur and CEO of Dallan Spa, an Italian family business that has been producing systems for the processing of thin sheet metal since 1978, with 160 employees that include engineers, technicians and operations. He is the author of the books “The Revolution of Efficiency” (2020) and “Think Thin” (2021). With a Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Padua, during more than 20 years spent in sales Andrea Dallan has visited hundreds of companies, analyzing production processes and helping entrepreneur and managers to make their processes more efficient.

Think Thin

Think thin” means thinking about all business processes in terms of sustainability, productivity and profitability.

It means knowing everything about the raw materials, the product, the process and data management to continuously improve the performance of your company.

“Think thin” means knowing and using technologies that use all the material, saving up to and even over 20% of raw material and 70% of energy for the same product!

In this new book, readers discover that sustainable processes are also the most profitable for our companies.

Our Approach

Shortly after publishing his book, Andrea hired Drafted to help promote the new title to very niche audiences within manufacturing and industrial engineering. We researched the best fit shows to find the right audiences for Andrea's two books.


"I reached out to Dan for the promotion of my first and second book, and I was looking for very specific podcasts in the manufacturing and engineering world. Dan and his team managed my case extraordinarily well, and did set up very interesting and focused interviews. Now that the podcasts are being published, I confirm this generates an additional push and momentum to the promotion of both of my books, “The Revolution of Efficiency” and “Think Thin” as they are being published on Amazon!"

- Andrea Dallan

Shows we Booked for Andrea

Here's a sample list of shows we booked for Andrea. These podcasts all rank within the top 10% of their category meaning they have a large audience and a great reputation in their niche.