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How it works

Don't worry about pitching  or scheduling interviews. Your personal booking agent will coordinate all of your appearances.


Getting to know your audience...

Start by completing an onboarding questionnaire which gives us a deep dive into your expertise and ideal audience. Understanding your target customer is key for lining up the right podcast interviews.

Speaker Sheet

Presenting you as a thought leader...

We design a speaker sheet to present you as a top-notch podcast guest. Hosts receive a bio, topics, and suggested questions to conduct a world-class interview.

Secure Interviews

Meet your hosts...

Your booking agent starts researching the top shows in your industry and reaching out to hosts. We make the introductions and get your appearances scheduled on the calendar.

Show Up

Rock your interview...

Get ready for a stellar interview. Deliver valuable insights to the audience, promote your brand, and build new relationships.

Frequently asked questions

What type of podcasts will I be on?

We’ll only connect you to high-performing, top-rated shows in your niche with a relevant target audience.

What happens if a host cancels?

If a host cancels or fails to appear to the interview without rescheduling, we will replace the booking with a new show.

How large are the show audiences?

A podcast's demographics and download figures (total subscribers, downloads, etc.) are not publicly available. Only the host has access to this information. Therefore, we use third party tools like Listen Notes Premium to research the top shows within each category.

We also only book mature podcasts that have a minimum of 30 published episodes with a release schedule of at least one show per week.

In addition to listenership, we look at reputation metrics like ratings, reviews, and show audio quality. That said, we do not judge audience size based on reviews as they are not a true indication of a show's listenership. For example, there are many shows that have few ratings, but actually get 5-figure downloads per episode. Most listeners simply do not take the time to rate podcasts.

Please note that show size is not necessarily the most valuable asset. Getting in front of your ideal target audience has proven to be the most important factor for ROI.

In addition to reaching new audiences, podcast interviews:

1. Boost your reputation as a thought-leader
2. Drive more traffic to your website
3. Create evergreen marketing content that lives online forever
4. Give you more material to share on your website and social media channels
5. Build organic backlinks in the show notes which increase your SEO and visibility online

How far out are interviews scheduled?

We’ll connect you with the total number of interviews in your package each month. However, that doesn't always mean all interviews will be recorded and published within that timeframe. Hosts often schedule guests 2-8 weeks out.

What equipment do I need interviews?

We recommend a podcast microphone and some headphones. Here's a link to our favorite mic.

Can I see shows you've booked for clients?

Absolutely! Visit our Work page to see lists of shows we booked for each client.

Our customers love what we do

Check out some of our client stories to find out how podcast interviews plays a role in their marketing strategy.

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The podcast interviews helped promote my new book and even led to a speaking engagement at a large summit conference!

Charlotte Purvis
CS Consultant

The Marzullo team set up very focused interviews that generated additional momentum for both of my books and my company.

Andrea Dallan
Dallan America Corp

The Marzullo Agency has been fantastic to help get our message out in a non-commercial way.

Lonny Stormo
Pops Diabetes Care

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