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Booking interviews for Alister to give advice to new startups and share insight from his book.

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Dan Marzullo
August 24, 2022


Alister Esam is an entrepreneur who has seen it all and now is helping other business owners. Alister started on a mission to never work for anyone who isn’t himself. He was educated and trained to be an actuary. However, it wasn’t long after he was certified that he decided that his career path wasn’t right. Being an actuary seemed dull, and working underneath someone seemed even worse. Alister took this determination to be his boss and created eShare, a SaaS company that quickly grew into a multimillion-dollar company. 

Once he was his own boss at the top of this successful company Alister still felt like something wasn’t right. There were all the same stresses and all of the same drawbacks. The only difference was now he was responsible for it all. Alister decided that his next move would be to sell this company and try something new. His company sold, and he excitedly moved into his next life mission, writing a book. His book is called “The Dirty Word.” It addresses the issue of discarding creativity when scaling your business and how this leads to work that doesn't work. After his popular book was published, he moved into phase two of his new mission, where he still is today—coaching and investing in new CEOs and their startups. Alister currently mentors 12 startups and helps them navigate scaling their new business while still loving what they do. 

Our Approach

We wanted to help Alister share how he is helping these startups he coaches and everyone who has read his book. We first chatted with Alister to see who he thought could benefit from hearing about his work. We started booking podcast interviews for Alister where he could give advice to new startups and share more insight from his book. 

The business that Alister coaches and invests in are SaaS companies like the one he started, so that was where we started. We began with podcasts that covered SaaS brands and startups. We also helped Alister get booked on leadership and general business podcasts. 

This lined up perfectly with Alister’s target audience, which fell into these categories:

-> CEO’s

-> Small and medium-sized businesses

-> Founder owner businesses


We quickly began booking podcasts for Alister. His book and brand got more attention with each show he appeared on. He now has more followers and sees more book sales from podcast listeners. All of the shows we booked are in the top 10% of shows in their category. Each show perfectly matched his audience and allowed him to share his mission successfully. 

Shows we Booked