Success Story: Pops Diabetes Care

Pops started working with Drafted to explore new ways to supplement their inbound marketing efforts.

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Dan Marzullo
August 24, 2022

Who is POPS Diabetes Care?

Company Size: 6 Employees

Industry: Healthcare Tech

Location: Minneapolis, MN & Sunnyvale, CA

Revolutionizing Diabetes Management

POPS Diabetes Care provides a simple, modern, effective, and non-invasive way to manage diabetes using new-age smartphone technology.

Pops’ easy-to-use products, such as their revolutionary blood-glucose monitoring device “The Rebel” paired with virtual coach Mina (within the app), offers next-level support for diabetes management. This puts the device that we rely so heavily upon, our smartphone, to work in a way that can benefit us far greater than ever before– in our health.

This technology gives people with diabetes the luxury of modern diabetes management, such as:

  • Easily (and non-invasively) checking blood sugar & tracking your trends
  • Sending family, friends, and caregivers important info and alerts about your levels
  • Giving you points and rewards for making positive changes

Our Results

Pops started working with Drafted to explore new ways to supplement their inbound marketing efforts. They were searching for new ways to create authoritative content that resonated with their audience and positioned themselves as a leader in the diabetes management space.

Podcast guesting gave Pops the opportunity to not only create more content for their brand, but also network with show hosts in their industry, build relationships with new audiences, and boost their SEO rankings on Google.

Speaking directly to a highly engaged audience of their target customers (individuals with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes) was a powerful strategy for building their brand and attracting new customers.

In the last three months, we’ve booked Pops’ CEO, Lonny Stormo, on six major podcasts in their niche.

The Pops team is experiencing a steady climb in their search position month after month as new organic backlinks are created from each podcast episode.

“Drafted has been fantastic. The podcasts fit our PR goals, and the hosts are amazing to speak with and get our message out in a non-commercial way.”  Lonny

Shows we Booked

Here's a sample list of shows we booked for Lonny. These podcasts all rank within the top 10% of their category meaning they have a large audience and a great reputation in their niche.