Success Story: Narvar

Podcast interviews gave Catherine the opportunity to talk about her role in eCommerce marketing and her mission to advance women in business.

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Dan Marzullo
August 24, 2022


Catherine Dummitt works as the VP of marketing at Navar. Navar is the leading Post-Purchase experience brand. Navar partners with top name brands to ensure that every customer receives their packages on time and without frustration. The teams at Navar work hard to make sure the customer experience is always a priority for big businesses that have a lot on their plate. Catherine works hard with her team at Navar to market to these businesses who could use the help of an experienced management company like Navar. 

Catherine has made it her mission to build strong teams that are made up of diverse people who share the same goal as her. She wants to see her company grow while simultaneously helping other companies grow. Catherine also has a passion for helping other women advance in the workplace. She has served as the Co-President of mBolden (formerly Women in Wireless) in New York. Catherine loves to use her marketing superpowers to advance everyone around her and loves sharing how to do that with others. This is what lead her to podcast interviews. 

Our Approach

In order to get Cathrine in front of the right podcasts, we talked about who she saw her target audience as. Catherine defined her audience as mainly women in the workplace. She also felt that her material would be well received by professionals working in:

-> VP Positions 

-> Marketing 

-> Ecommerce 

-> Logistics/Supply Operations

-> Customer Care


After discussing what kind of podcasts and audiences Cathrine wanted to speak to we started booking shows for her. All of her interviews gave her the opportunity to talk about her mission to advance women and her personal work experiences. Every show we booked for Cathrine was in the top 10% of its category. 

Shows we Booked