Success Story: Charlotte Purvis

We researched the best-fit shows in the customer service space to find the right audiences.

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Lizeth Andrew
August 24, 2022


Charlotte is a highly-rated speaker and consultant who teaches customer service, business communication, and leadership development to clients in corporate and campus settings.

In a typical year, Charlotte influences over 1 million customer interactions.

The Customer Communication Formula

Charlotte published The Customer Communication Formula to create a roadmap for organizations to improve the way they communicate with their customers and streamline customer service processes. She shares her formula for success in an easy-to-follow, conversational guidebook. She teaches readers how to:

  • Stay one step ahead anticipating and delighting customers
  • Provide EXTREME customer service during a crisis
  • Speak the language of customer service and manage challenging situations
  • Analyze your company's customer service practices with 12 questions
  • Customize your company's approach to customer service
  • Assure the quality of your Quality Assurance - with advice from the Manager of Customer Care for Porsche Cars North America

Our Approach

Shortly after publishing her book, Charlotte hired Drafted to help promote the new title and build relationships with new audiences in her target market.

We researched the best fit shows in the customer service space to find the right audiences that aligned with Charlotte's book and her work as a consultant. We targeted podcasts with audiences of executive leaders who managed teams of customer service professionals and secured 12 podcast interviews for Charlotte.


"Just as I finished writing my book, I learned about Dan and his team from one of their client's. Since then, I have been featured on podcasts and developed new business relationships with podcast hosts. My Customer Communication Formula has been shared with the audiences you'd expect (Customer Service and Customer Experience), with entrepreneurs, and with some relevant audiences that were new to me.

The podcast interviews helped promote my new book and even led to a speaking engagement at a large summit conference!

Partnering with Dan and Drafted was clearly a good decision. They have helped me get the word out about my book, found the right mix of podcasts, and supported me in protecting my brand throughout the process. I highly recommend the Marzullo Agency. I'll complete all of my podcast recordings in a few weeks and am already exploring how I can continue to partner with Dan and the team. "

- Charlotte Purvis

Shows we Booked for Charlotte

Here's a small sample list of shows we booked for Charlotte. These podcasts all rank within the top 10% of their category meaning they have a large audience and a great reputation in their niche.